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Radon is our Specialty & Solutions are our Products”

Radon Mitigation in Air Black Dog Inspections, LLC doing business as Black Dog Radon Services is an AARST-NRPP Certified  radon mitigation contractor.  We provide accurate diagnostic services to access the proper approach to your radon mitigation needs.   Our radon gas and radon water mitigation systems are designed to give you the best overall cost, ease of maintenance, consideration for the aesthetic impact and the most reliable solution for your specific application to reduce your radon gas level.   Even with hard to correct situations we can apply advanced radon mitigation practices to address the best solution for a radon  mitigation system in your home.  Once the job is accepted our work is guaranteed to correct your problem.  We provide a one year test to confirm your radon in air mitigation system levels are within design limits.  

Radon Mitigation in Water   Black Dog Radon Services currently uses aeration products (AIRaider) made by RadonAway for our water solutions since the quality, reliability and ease of maintenance is superior compared to other manufacturers. All water piping to and from the aeration unit is done in copper providing a neater and rigid finished product.  Visit our radon water system page to view some of our many installations.

Radon Measurement   Black Dog Inspections provides Radon Testing Services and is an AARST-NRPP Certified Residential Radon Measurement provider for independent verification of radon mitigation efforts, radon measurements for businesses, the home buyer or the home owner. All Black Dog Radon Services radon tests are performed by AARST NRPP measurement certified personnel which varies on their particular device certifications.  We typically use Continuous Radon Monitors (CRM) for short term radon testing. Black Dog Radon Services  uses the Sun Nuclear models 1028-XP and 1030 for quick turn around reports. Once the test is completed the data can be down loaded to a computer or mobile phone to provide the results. These particular units (Sun 1028-XP & 1030) require an analytical certification for each device.

“The only way to known your danger level to radon is to measure it. Do it right the first time by hiring a Radon Professional.

Radon Consulting   Black Dog Radon Services offers diagnostic consulting services using highly sensitive equipment to map/determine the soil connectivity and best approach for suction point location(s) for active soil depressurization systems.  We provide preconstruction advice on radon resistance building methods and available options and develop solutions and options for complex mitigation requirements. Our radon consulting diagnostics determine if your system will work before it is installed. We will not install a system that lacks a good chance for success.  

In difficult situations where there is poor sub slab air flow and/or poor pressure field extension under your slab or slabs, we can provide short period diagnostic radon sniffs to try to identify the highest radon concentration in 5 minuets or less per measurement using the CT700-R one of our diagnostic to20221009_095123ols.   We can also use the EcoTracker to measure and monitor radon at multiple ground contacts footprints at the same time.20221009_095430Give us a call 603-566-8176